Karva Chauth is an Indian Hindu festival that depicts the love, care, and respect between a husband and wife.

As per the Hindu tradition, a wife does fast for one day that is from sunrise to moonrise without having food and water. And, the wife cannot perform puja and eat until she sees the moon on that night.

Once, the moon arrives, the wife performs the puja of the moon and her husband. Then, the husband lovingly makes her wife drink water and have food.

The Hindu wives do this fast to pray for her husband’s safety and long life. And, that strengthens the love and bond between the couples.

So, when your wife is doing this fast for you, it becomes imperative for you, as a husband, to think of your beloved wife and plan something special for her.

This year Karva Chauth is on 27th October 2018, Saturday, you have enough time to get Karva Chauth gift for her.

But, if you are already late, don’t panic, we have gathered some amazing and unique gift ideas specifically picked up to help you surprise your beloved wife on this Karva Chauth. And, by the way, every wife love surprises from her husband.

So, let’s begin.

Karva Chauth Jewellery Gifts for Your Wife

Here are the jewellery gifts that you can give to your beloved wife on this Karva Chauth:

01. Tanmaniya

This festival is all about the love between a husband and a wife. And, Tanmaniya is the symbol of love and even the marriage.

So, nothing can be more special than gifting Tanmaniya to your wife on this Karva Chauth.

In fact, if your fiancée is going to do a fast for you, you can propose to her with a Tanmaniya. Here are some really pretty diamond Tanmaniya options available to buy.


02.Diamond Ring

If your girlfriend is going to do a fast for you even before your marriage, you shall propose to her for marriage this Karva Chauth by gifting her a precious diamond ring.

And, if you are married, then you can even propose to your wife with a diamond ring and say- “I will always protect your beautiful smile just the way these diamonds shine.”

How was that? Not bad, yeah?

So, here we bring some gorgeous diamond rings to choose from-

gorgeous diamond rings

03. Pendant

If a diamond ring has become a common gift from you to your wife, you should definitely try a pendant this time.

A pendant is something that your wife can carry it on any attire, any outfit. So, gift your wife a diamond pendant this Karva Chauth which is elegant, yet versatile. Just like this one-

Diamond Pendant

04. Bangles

Another beautiful option to choose is a pair of diamond bangles to gift your wife on this Karva Chauth.

A bangle is considered among the accessories of a married woman in Indian beliefs. So, a pair of bangles would be a perfect option for this Karva Chauth if your wife loves wearing it.

There are various options available for you to choose from such has gold bangles, diamond bangles with studded stones, and many more. Simple and elegant bangles can be worn even in routine.

So, this makes it another best option to choose for a Karva Chauth gift to surprise your wife.


05. Customized Diamond Necklace

OMG! Anybody would love a diamond necklace which is specifically designed as per her husband’s choice.

A gift becomes a GIFT if some personal touch is given to it. Hence, your wife would love a necklace if you get it customized.

What kind of necklaces does your wife love?

a. Something very simple can be like these-

b. There could be some heavy necklaces as well-


You can choose the one that best suits your wife and surprise her with an amazing diamond necklace.

If you are looking to get the customized diamond necklace, you can do that here.

Well, these were all the jewellery gift ideas for Karva Chauth to surprise your wife. Now, let’s move on to some other Karva Chauth gift ideas if the above ones don’t work for you.

Other Karva Chauth Gift Ideas for Your Wife

01. Book a dinner date

Your wife is going to spend the whole day without food and water. So, nothing works best than a dinner date. And, booking a candlelit dinner is even a better option.

Dinner Date

So, if you don’t have any dinner get-togethers, you can definitely go out on a dinner date. Most of the dinner dates are incomplete without a gift. So, you can choose any of the gifts ideas discussed above and even from the ones that we are going to discuss now.

02. Chocolates

Like a romantic dinner date is incomplete without a gift, a gift is incomplete without chocolates.

Yes, that’s completely true. Whether you choose any gift for your wife for Karva Chauth, add some chocolates with the same and see how it impacts your wife’s expressions.

In fact, dark chocolate seems really romantic. But, you can choose the ones that your wife loves.


You got that point, right?

03. Roses

Roses are considered to be one of those gifts that go perfectly on any occasion.

Also, roses have popularly become the symbol of love and that is the reason why on Valentine’s Day, roses are used to propose your love.

Now, coming to Karva Chauth, this day is nor or less as special as Valentine’s day as per Indian tradition- a day dedicated to the couples.

So, you can definitely consider roses as the Karva Chauth gift for your wife. In fact, choose red roses as they are known for one of the most romantic gifts.


04. Desirable Outfit

Have you ever heard your wife speaking about her need to get some dress?

Like that could be a saree, party dress, or anything that she wanted for a long time now. So, this is the time, you buy one for her.

You don’t need to worry about if you don’t know whether she needs one or not because every time, a woman checks out her wardrobe for the outfits, she hardly finds anything to wear.

So, gifting apparels is a very go-to option for you to surprise your wife on this Karva Chauth. In fact, you can think of gifting-

  • A red saree or lehenga choli that she might wear during Karva Chauth puja
  • An outfit that she would wear during your next vacation trip
  • A casual dress that she loves wearing during any day, any time

Look at what Bollywood celebrities prefer to wear on Karva Chauth and choose anything that she might love wearing on that day-

Bollywood celebrities
Choose the one that you feel she will go WOW on it.

05. Wrist Watch

OMG! These women just love wrist watches.

And, as usual, you just cannot skip this option to gift your wife on this Karva Chauth.

Though there are many other options available for Karva Chauth gift, you have always an option open to get a wristwatch.

Maybe she loves a simple or elegant one or she loves a smart one, make sure you choose the wristwatch that best suits her personality.

Don’t you dare forget her love for certain brands when looking to buy wrist watches as women don’t like wearing wristwatches of other brands, if they are fond of certain brands?

So, here are some options for you-

Smart watches

Smart Watch

Luxury watches

Luxury watches

Casual watches

Casual watches


Every time, during Karva Chauth, there are various brands who launch smartphones. And, every woman loves getting selfies during their first or any n-th Karva Chauth.

So, get her a new smartphone- maybe Android or iOS that perfectly matches her requirements from a smartphone.

For this, you can check out all the leading eCommerce brands who have recently launched some smartphones with the latest camera and other important features.



07. Makeup Items

Every woman loves a pout-perfect picture on their Karva Chauth and for that, a camera-perfect smartphone is not enough.

Makeup Items


Those pout-perfect pictures need everything from the perfect eye expressions that have a little winky eyeliner to bright yet attractive matte lipsticks.

So, whatever it takes for your wife to get those pout-picture pictures, you need to get them.

We hope you know the sources from where to bring such stuff and if you don’t, Google it.

08. Handbags or clutches

“OMG! I want that bag!”

You might have heard your wife saying this after looking at a bag in a Mall and you’ve just avoided her saying- “you don’t use many handbags so you don’t need any”.

Well, if you’ve ever said ‘NO’ to bags, you just have to do it right away.

Handbags or even clutches attract women more often as it is one of the go-to things that they need while they go anywhere and everywhere.

So, bring one this Karva Chauth, it’s really worth giving her.

Handbags or clutches


09. Perfume

Like having a handbag is a routine for women, so is to wear fragrances. So, if you haven’t thought of anything such as perfumes, it is the time you do it.

Sometimes even a tempting smell can brighten up the mood. So, why don’t you get a perfume for your wife this Karva Chauth?

You’ve got a chance to impress your wife by bringing up some perfumes from her favorite brands.


10. Sunglasses

All women wear sunglasses not just to protect their eyes from the sun, but even as it is marked as their style statement.

To bring sunglasses for your wife on Karva Chauth, you need to know what’s trending in the market and whether your wife loves it or not.

Well, you could see for such sunglasses for your beloved wife-



11. Spa Voucher

Well, one of the classy Karva Chauth gifts is giving a Spa voucher to your wife. After all, she is going to spend her whole day without food and water despite all of her routine work.

So, she needs some relaxation on this day and a Spa voucher may sound a heaven to her.

Now, the task list for you-

  • Find out the best Spa salons out there nearest to your home so that she does not have to commute much
  • Get a voucher for your wife
  • Take your wife to the salon and surprise her

We are sure, you would love the expressions of her while you’ll gift this.

Spa Voucher

12. Home Decor Items

Does your wife love decorate your home irrespective of festivals?

Then you must go and check out all of those home decor items that your wife would love having them in your home.

Also, what you can do is get some customized wall piece or something like a wall of frames for her Karva Chauth gift?

That would go perfectly to decorate your home and look fresh this festive season and most importantly, a perfect gift for your wife this Karva Chauth. What say?

Home Decor Items

13. Books

Most of the women love reading books and for most, they are one of their best friends.

And, if your wife is among those book-savvy women, get one for her on this Karva Chauth.

For that, either you could visit a library near you or maybe you can check out various books available on the online portals.

But, before buying books, ensure what kind of books she enjoys reading the most.


Wrapping Up

Karva Chauth is a festival that brings you and your wife much closer to each other’s heart. So, don’t leave any chance to add spice or flavour to this festival by gifting your wife the most beautiful thing that she could ever expect from you.

Don’t try to act romantic, try to be one. It’s good to be different sometimes. What’d you say?