It’s Diwali and buying gold coins is the #1 priority for most Indians.

We recently shared a list of things that one can buy on Dhanteras and gold coins were on top of that list due to various beliefs and traditional reasons attached to buying gold coins during Diwali or at Dhanteras.

Diwali is just around the corner and so less time left to buy your much desired gold coins. And, this time, buying gold coins will get easier, faster, and reliable with online jewellers.

Well, buying gold and diamond jewellery online has become a usual buying habit for most of the online shopping savvy and time crunched customers. No wonder why most of the people have started buying or placing pre-orders for their gold coins online for this Diwali.

And, if you are also planning to buy your gold coins for this Diwali, then save your time and energy from walking store to store for a good deal, as online stores are offering the best deals in your town.

So get set to order your gold coin from an online jewellery store, before that let us help you with a few things that you should NEVER forget while buying gold coins online.

1. Decide the Gold Coin Weight

The first and the foremost thing to remember while buying gold coins is to decide how many gold coins you need and of how much weight you need.

There may be the various different  purpose for every buyer, you think of the purposes for which you are buying gold coins, is it

  • Making investments
  • Performing Lakshmi Puja on Dhanteras
  • Bringing good luck and prosperity as it is a believed that buying gold coins on Dhanteras helps in bringing the same
  • Gifting to your family, relatives, friends 
  • Corporate gifts for high-valued clients
  • Or, maybe for any other purpose
You need to know this because the online jewelry stores come up with offers on Diwali. , Knowing the number and weight of gold coins to buy, would really help you understand how the offers on gold coins will be beneficial for you. That makes your buying easy, quick and more profitable.
Well, that actually will save you a good amount of time for sure.

2. Look for Gold Coin Purity

Once, you’ve decided on how many gold coins and of how much weight you need, next on your list is to check out the purity of the gold coins you are going to buy becomes important.

There are two purity measures of gold coins that can be considered while buying gold coins online i.e. 999 and 995.

Most of the onlinejewellerystores do sell gold coins of 995 purity gold coins. Well, 999 are mostly sold by the banks and similar authorities. So, while you are buying gold coins this Diwali, make sure they are of 995 purity and do not go for any other purity levels except 995 and 999.

3. Check for pricing

This is one of the most important things that affect the purchasing decision of gold coins online. So, you need to remember to check the pricing before you buy gold coins online.

There are too many eCommerce stores offering you the gold coins with the same purity levels but at different rates.

So, do you think the one with higher price tag is original and is worth to trust for getting 995 purity gold coins?

Obviously not, it is not that the ones that are of lesser prices are offering lower quality gold coins. Nowadays due to strict laws especially for eCommerce businesses, nobody tries to cheat while selling luxury items online.

So, make sure you don’t overspend on gold coins while buying them online.

4. Offers on Gold Coins

Diwali is one such festival when people specifically buy gold coins and that is the reason why almost all of the online jewellery websites have come up with too many offers on the same.

So, before you make a purchase of gold coins, look at all the offers that these online jewellery stores are providing. I am sure you will figure out the best deal.

Gold Coins Offer

One such interesting and exciting deal is from Ketan Diamond, here are their gold coin offers-

10gm Gold Coin
  • Buy 20g GOLD, get 40g of Silver Coins FREE + Rs. 600 Cashback on PayTM (Check out the offer)

20gm Gold Coin
  • Buy 50g GOLD, get 100g of Silver Coins FREE + Rs. 1,000 Cashback on PayTM (Check out the offer)

50gm Gold Coin

The more gold coins you buy, the more weight off silver coins you get. This is actually like viewing the sun and moon in the sky at a time together.

So, you should always look for such offers on gold coins this Diwali before buying them.

5. Choose the Right Jeweller to buy from

This is the last but the most important thing to remember while buying gold coins online this Diwali.

How to choose the right online jeweller to buy gold coins?

  • Look for the ones that are highly active on social media and have great customer engagement on the same and good consumer rating or reviews.
  • Thejewellerswho have a great background not just online but offline in jewellery business is an add-on
  • The online jewellery store that has a deep understanding of what’s trending in jewellery designs
  • Not necessarily the online jeweller has to be selling online for years now, it can be a new entrant in the market as well.
  • Check out the ones that regularly help their customers in providing the tips, tricks, and even suggestions on their social media pages and even on their blogs
  • The online jewellers hould have good offers on gold coins
  • In short, the right online jewellery storeis the one that follows a customer-first approach.

Hope, These tips to choose the best online jewellery store helps you to not just find a trusted store with the best products, but even the one that has great customer service.

Buy your Gold Coins Now

Make sure you remember all of these things while buying gold coins during this Diwali. These quick tips will save you from wasting your time, money, and efforts at the wrong places.

So, this Diwali, don’t just go for gold coins. Buy gold coins that actually brings good luck and prosperity to your life, family, and business.

Wish you a very Happy, Prosperous & Safe Deepavali and a great festive timer!