The trends in Indian jewellery market keeps on changing year on year. There were some jewellery trends in the year 2017, and now we have for 2018 as well.

For women who love wearing the latest Indian jewellery, would keep an eye on jewellery trends and will take out time to buy them to be able to add to her collection.

Most of the time, the jewellery trends change due to some new collection by the designer or due to some celebrity weddings. In fact, nowadays, there are fashion influencers who set the trends by testing and trying a new and different variety of jewellery.

Just like every year, 2018 too has some amazing Indian jewellery trends that we saw at some popular celebrity weddings, hi-profile events, jewellery designer collection show, and online jewelry stores.

Let’s begin with what we see trending in India for the year 2018 in the traditional jewelry designs:

01. Peacock & Nature-Inspired Jewellery

Peacock & Nature-Inspired Jewellery

The year 2018 has witnessed many weddings till now and many more to go. And, among all these weddings that happened this year, there were jewellery items which were inspired by the animals and nature.

In fact, last year as well we saw the nature-inspired jewellery. But, this year its more prominently of peacock-inspired ones.


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02. Heart-Shaped Diamond Ring

Heart-Shaped Diamond Ring

The most exciting trend in this year is the craze of heart-shaped diamond ring.

Though this trend started some time back when the businessman Raj Kundra gave Shilpa Shetty Kundra a heart-shaped solitaire during their engagement.

But, this year, the list of celebrities wearing heart-shaped diamond rings includes-

  • Victoria's Secret model Shanina Shaik
  • YouTuber Brittany Furlan
  • Michelle Williams 
  • And, much many more celebrities
Well, such a huge diamond can be expensive. So, there are varied other ways that can be used for a heart-shaped diamond ring.

03. Multi-layered Necklaces

Well, I am sure all of remember the Sonam Kapoor  - Anand Ahuja weeding and must have checked the attractive and eye-catching wedding necklace of Sonam Kapoor. This was the much-hyped celebrity wedding this year. And, people wowed on each and everything that Sonam Kapoor wore.

Multi-layered Necklaces-Sonam-Kapor

In fact, her wedding reception neckpiece was equally adorable-

wedding reception neckpiece

Sonam Kapoor wore multi-layered necklaces in both of her most important wedding functions. And, there were many brides who were inspired by her neck pieces.

In fact, last year, we had noticed Anushka Sharma’s adorable multi-layered necklace on her D-Day.

Anushka Sharma’s adorable multi-layered necklace

Since then, we saw many more brides choosing multi-layered necklace either for their D-day or any of the family wedding functions.

Well, this clearly states that in 2018, the trend of the multi-layered necklace is going to stay for sure.

04. God-inspired Necklace

God-inspired Necklace

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Well, frankly speaking, there is not a particular name given to this recently seen gold-inspired necklaces. But, some call it a Gold-inspired jewellery and some just call it a jewellery with unique designs.


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But, there are various fashion influencers who are seen wearing such neckpieces.

One of the most followed Ahmedabad-based fashion influencer, Dr. Falguni Vasavada, is seen wearing such Gold-inspired jewellery and literally, they seem to be trending recently.

05. Huge Maang-Tika

Huge Maang-Tika

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Huge Maang Tikka is something which has ruled in the year 2017 and it is nowhere going this year as well.

From celebrities, fashion stylist to any Indian woman has given huge maang tikkas a try and have completely changed transformed their look from simple to more royal.the way they used to look in any occasion.

Have you tried these beautiful huge maang tikkas?

06. Simple & Sober Tanmaniya

Well, Sonam Kapoor started a trend of wearing Mangalsutra as a bracelet. Here is its picture-

Mangalsutra as a bracelet

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But, did you know that she did it after Shilpa Shetty Kundra did?


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Though they were trolled, the Indian women have already started looking for simple and sober mangalsutra (which is often called, Tanmaniya) which can be easily used to wear it like a bracelet.


Because women today are thinking of new and creative ways to incorporate their precious mangalsutra to wear even in the office or on a formal wear.

Aarti Diamond Tanmaniya

Either you can buy mangalsutra online or you can even customize it. There are various online jewellery stores like us, which are here to offer many such designer tanmaniya options and also give you the option to customize it.

Therefore this makes it an Indian jewellery trend of the year to have a simple and sober mangalsutra that can be used in multiple ways.

Wrap Up

So, here we covered the jewellery designs that are trending in India this year, which were inspired by the celebrities, fashion enthusiasts, designers, and new age online jewellery stores like ours