Bhai Dooj is almost around the corner and you need to buckle up now.

Bhai Dooj is a festival celebrated by Hindus in India on the second lunar day of Shukla Paksha. It is celebrated two days after the popular festival of Diwali.

The celebrations of this day are similar to the festival of Raksha Bandhan the only difference is on this day, brothers get gifts from sisters.
Bhai Dooj festival is observed as a symbol of love and affection between brothers and sisters. Sisters pray to God for their brother’s long, healthy, and prosperous life.

During Rakshabandhan, as your brothers take a lot of efforts to buy gifts for their sisters. Now, it is your turn.

Apart from the usual Bhai Dooj Puja that you perform with Aarti and Tilak, surprise your brother with a special gift which he would never ever forget.

Bhai Dooj

But, what could be that surprising gift for the Bhai Dooj festival?

Here are some really interesting and even exciting gift ideas for you to choose for your dearest brother:

Bhai Dooj Gift Ideas to Surprise Your Beloved Brother

1. Diamond Band

Diamond Band

Diamonds are known for its eternal purity and being forever. That’s how your love is with your beloved brother.

So, on this special day for you and your brother, you should choose something that signifies your love and nothing can be more perfect than diamonds.

When it comes to diamond bands, they look more smart and classy with white gold on men’s fingers. So, choose a diamond band for your brother now.

2. Gold Bracelet

Another precious thing to buy this Bhai Dooj is a gold bracelet. There are two reasons to buy a gold bracelet.

  • It is something unique which is not easily seen in a man’s hands
  • Gold is precious and hence, it symbolizes that your brother is very dear to you

Buying a gold bracelet is a good option for Bhai Dooj especially if your brother loves to wear it either regularly or on special occasions.

It would be even better if you customize it as the size of the bracelet differs. So, if you are looking for customization, you can connect with the jeweller here.


3. Gold Coins

Another super-awesome idea to gift your brother is to buy him a few gold coins. If not a few ones, one would be enough.

Why should you gift gold coins to your brother this Bhai Dooj?

  • It’s Diwali time, gifting gold coins to your brother brings good luck and prosperity for him
  • People usually invest in gold and if you buy one for him, it would be your contribution to his gold investments
  • He can utilize the gold coins whenever he needs because jewellery does not have an appropriate resale value, but gold coins do have

So, this Bhai Dooj, make him feel really special by gifting him gold coins.

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4. Gadgets

WOW! Boys love gadgets. Hardly there are boys who would say they don’t enjoy the company of cool gadgets.

The gadgets could be anything-

  • A smartphone
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • Amazon Alexa
  • Wireless charging devices
  • Video games
  • And, much more

The list of gadgets is like a never-ending one. So, it’s better you find out what’s your bro’s favorite gadget and buy it for him.

Make this Bhai Dooj an unforgettable day for him with such cool gadgets.

5. Wrist Watch

Wrist Watch

OMG! Wristwatches are boys’ best friends. Whether they are going for a movie, holiday or even trekking, they would carry wrist watches no matter what.

They might forget wallet sometimes, but watches are their bae.

In fact, smart watches are trending these days. Every other person is looking to buy it.

So, if your brother does not have one, you should buy one for him.

6. Wallet


If you are still confused about what to gift, here is a very simple option - a nice and trendy leather wallet. You know these days, boys flaunt their wallets a lot.

Do not gift an empty wallet just slip in some cash in it for him to shop something and enjoy using the wallet. If he is found of keeping personalised things, then you can even get it customized for him with his name embossed on it.

Sound fun right?

7. Perfume


Perfumes are something for which boys never get tired of getting as gifts. So, if your brother is fond of different fragrances, you must consider gifting a perfume for him. Choose a perfume keeping in mind his personality and his likes

Not just that, there is the specialised pack of perfumes with different fragrances which is even a better gift idea for your brother.

After all, packs always look bigger.

8. Sunglasses


Your bro definitely looks handsome while wearing sunglasses. And, these days celebrity-inspired sunglasses are so much trending.

If your bro is inspired from the looks of a particular celebrity, buy sunglasses that his favourite celebrity wears.

Make your bro swag on this Bhai Dooj.

9. Favorite Sweets


Bhai Dooj is a festive time when gifting sweets become obvious.

Gather all of his favourite sweets and even chocolates and wrap it unusually. This would definitely surprise him to see all of his favourite ones in just one pack.

Looking at this Bhai Dooj gift, he would be all smiles.

10. Customized Gifts

Like we already discussed giving a customized gift- like a wallet, you can think of more such gifting ideas such as-

  • A printed slogan tee which is trending these days. The slogan could be something like- “My Big B”, “My Partner in Crime”, “Yo! He is My Bro!”, or anything that suits your brother-sister relationship.
  • A customized photo mug having a photo in which you both share a memorable time
  • A collage of your memories with him
  • And, anything such sort of things

In short, customization adds the feel of being special. Do it this Bhai Dooj, you will cherish it for lifelong.

Gift Special on this Bhai Dooj

Despite all those fights, go and buy him a gift on this Bhai Dooj. That will create more happy moments with your brother and will definitely strengthen your bond with him.

Wish you and your brother a very Happy Bhai Dooj and stay blessed both of you!