Dhanteras is the first day of the Indian festival, Diwali and also, the Nepalese festival, Tihar.


Here, we are going to discuss everything that you need to know about Dhanteras, what people do on this day, how Indians celebrate this day and what is the best timings to perform Lakshmi Puja on Dhanteras.

Yes, almost every Indian festival is celebrated by worshipping God and Goddesses with some or the other way. Let’s check out how Dhanteras is celebrated in India and by most Indians across the world.

When is Dhanteras 2018?

This year Dhanteras is on 5 November 2018, Monday.

Dhanteras is celebrated on the 13th lunar day of Krishna Paksha in the month of Karthik as per the Vikram Samvat Hindu calendar.

What is Dhanteras?

Dhanteras is the collection of two words, “Dhan” that means money and “Teras” which means the 13th day as we discussed above.

Dhanteras has two names- Dhana Trayodashi and Dhanvantari Trayodashi. It is even known as Chhoti Diwali. It is celebrated by worshipping Goddess Lakshmi by performing a puja.

Lakshmi Pooja

There is a belief that performing Lakshmi Puja on Dhanteras brings good luck and prosperity. Also, Indians consider buying gold or metals on this day.

There are many important things that one should buy on Dhanteras. Among all of them, gold coins are on the top.

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Hindus also worship Dhanvantari who is considered as the God of Ayurveda which is a type of chemical-free or organic medication that helps mankind to fight against diseases.

How to do Dhanteras Puja at home?

Lakshmi Puja

The preparation of Dhanteras Puja starts days before the actual festive day. The Hindu women start cleaning their homes and some Hindus even renovate their homes before Dhanteras.

Once, the cleaning of the homes are done, the preparation of Lakshmi Puja is started. People decorate their homes with lanterns,diyas, rangolis, and even lightings all around the home. All just to welcome the Goddess Lakshmi on the day of Dhanteras. Goddess Lakshmi is a Goddess of wealth and prosperity.

Dhanteras Celebration

That’s the reason why this day is celebrated to worship Goddess Lakshmi.

Dhanteras Puja is performed mostly during evenings. During this puja, the whole family sit together and perform the rituals and chant mantras, bhakti songs, and Aarti for Goddess Lakshmi and even Lord Ganesha.

While performing Lakshmi puja on Dhanteras, most business owners also use gold and silver coins with the embedded pictures of Goddess Lakshmi on the same. They clean them, make tilak, offer flowers and even perform puja on the same.

Diwali Festival

corridors, balcony, and at every place where there are open spaces. This is to keep away all the negative and evil spirits from the home and family.

On Dhanteras, people wear new clothes and jewellery. In fact, as per the tradition, they even buy gold and diamond jewellery on this day as it is believed that buying such things bring good luck and prosperity.

What are the Shubh Muhurats of Dhanteras 2018?

On Dhanteras, the Lakshmi Puja is performed at a particular time which is said to be the luckiest time on an entire day. This time is known as Shubh Muhurat which means Lucky Time.

To perform Lakshmi Puja on Dhanteras 2018, the Shubh Muhurat is-

Lakshmi Puja Date: 5 November 2018, Monday
Lakshmi Puja Shubh Muhurat: 6:20 PM to 8:17 PM IST

Make Dhanteras Celebration More Special

This Dhanteras, don’t just clean your homes, even clean your negative thoughts. Also, don’t just buy new things, donate a few things. Let’s make this Dhanteras a festive time for unprivileged ones.

Wish you a very Happy and Prosperous Dhanteras!