A diamond ring is a huge investment and thus, very close to your heart. And, you would always want it to be attractive and sparkling just the way it was when you first saw it.

Your everyday job does not allow your diamond ring to be clean for years and years. This is impossible.

But, to keep it clean, is possible.


Can I clean my diamond engagement ring at home?

Can I clean my diamond ring using baking soda?

Can I use vinegar to clean my diamond ring?

Is it safe to use peroxide or any other chemical to clean my diamond ring?

For all of your questions regarding cleaning your diamond ring, we have gathered in-depth, easy-to-understand, and clear-cut answers.

Let’s begin.

How to Clean Diamond Rings at Home?

When should you consider cleaning your diamond rings at home?

Because cleaning your diamond ring at home needs extra care, first, you need to understand when you should clean your diamond ring at home.

If your diamond ring has stains of-

  • Cosmetics
  • Normal dust
  • Food items
  • Food colors
  • And, similar normal stains from regular tasks

You can think of cleaning your diamond ring at home.

Now how would you clean your diamond ring at home?

Here is a simple step by step guide for you to safely clean your diamond ring at home:

Diamond Ring Cleaning at Home Process #1

  1. Take a mixture of warm water and either of these items - dish soap, hand soap, shampoo or body wash.
  2. Blend the mixture well
  3. Place your diamond ring in the mixture for 15-20 minutes
  4. After those 15-20 minutes, check whether the dirt or stains have been removed from your diamond ring or not
  5. Use a soft toothbrush and gently rub the dirt from the ring and use a toothpick if there is dirt in the crevices
  6. Rinse your diamond ring in cool water
  7. Let it dry Wipe the water using a soft cloth and Let it dry

The benefit here is that there is no harmful chemical used. So, the glittering charm of your diamond ring is maintained.

Diamond Ring Cleaning at Home Process #2

  1. Use a chemical-free or organic diamond jewellery cleaner available in the market
  2. Read the cleaning instructions given on the diamond ring cleaning solution and follow exactly the same to avoid any damage to your diamond ring
  3. Don’t touch the diamond in your ring until the ring dries completely 

There is a benefit here that the organic diamond jewellery cleaner does include any use of a toothbrush or toothpick. So, there are higher chances of maintaining the sparkle of your diamond ring.

How Often Should I Clean My Diamond Ring?

Well, this completely depends on how often you are able to see dirt or stains in your diamond ring.

For normal oil stains or cosmetics, you can clean your diamond ring weekly or bi-weekly depend upon the strength of your dirt.

But, if you have to stay most of the time outdoors or in the kitchen, you should take extra care to keep your diamond ring clean. And, that debris is not easy to clean at your home and needs to be taken to your diamond jewellery store.

Your diamond jewellery store has the specialized products that will not just clean your diamond ring but even make it sparkle as if it is new.

What Not to Use When Cleaning Your Diamond Ring?

We would recommend you not to use the following things to clean your precious diamond ring:

  • Ultrasonic jewellery cleaners because though they are especially for at-home cleaning processes but they are not good for your diamond ring.
  • Tomato Ketchup
  • Vinegar
  • Peroxide

All these are harsh for your precious diamond ring and should not be used in any way.

Clean Your Diamond Ring at the Jewellery Store

Safest Ways to Clean Diamond Ring

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The best way is to have your diamond rings cleaned at your diamond jewelry store. There are jewellery stores from where you would have bought your diamond ring, the store might give you the diamond ring cleaning service with no or little cost.

So, it is highly recommended to get your diamond rings cleaned by them professionals every 2 or 3 months.

So, it is advisable to either to take your appointments with the diamond jewellery store or use proper cleaning method and not to try random DIY hacks at home. After all diamond rings are an investment for the lifetime and you cannot afford to trick with it just to save a few bucks.