Navratna jewellery never goes out of fashion.

When it comes to jewellery, Indians love to be in trend. But, most importantly, they love to be in tradition.

And, when we talk about traditional jewellery, Navratna jewellery is more about Hindu traditions and its values.

But, what is Navratna Jewellery?

The word, “Navratna” is a Sanskrit word that combines two words- “Nav” and “Ratna”. “Nav” means nine (9) and “ratna” means gems. That means Navratna jewellery is a piece of jewellery that consists of nine special stones/gems.

History of Navratna Jewellery

List of Navratna Stones

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The tradition of wearing Navratna jewellery has been for thousands of years. Initially, the purpose of wearing such precious stones was to enhance the wearer’s looks. But, slowly and gradually, the purpose turned into wearing Navratna jewellery to possess the mystical powers that each gem possesses.

Yes, it is believed that each of these Navratna gemstones has a profound impact on human life as per the Indian astrology. Each Navratna gemstone is connected to nine planets which mean Navgrahas. It is said that there are cosmic energies aligned with each of these nine gems.

So, the Mughals, Rajputs, and Marathas used to wear Navratna gemstones to control the influence of all the nine planets and empower themselves with positive energies and intellect. The Mughal Emperor Akbar combinely named his nine court assistants as Navratna based on the significance of the Navratna gemstones.

The Navratna gemstones are used in necklaces, bracelets, pendants, earrings, rings, etc. But, the most common form of wearing Navratna gemstones is in the rings. The Emperors used to wear rings dedicated to each gemstone on each of their fingers or combined in one ring.

Can I Wear Navratna Gemstones?

Yes, anyone can wear Navratna gemstones. Learn about the benefits of wearing all of the nine gems together

Also, if you gift someone special, it brings good luck and good vibes to his life.

Why Should You Wear Navratna Jewellery?


Why did the Mughals, Rajputs, and Marathas use to wear Navratna jewellery? There has to be some significance related to this jewellery.

Understand the importance of wearing Navratna gemstones before you buy and even wear them.

Since the ancient times, it is believed that the precious gemstones such as Navratna gemstones help you gather the blessings from the heavenly bodies.

Also, we discussed above, each Navratna gemstone is aligned with each of the nine planets. Each of these nine planets influences the energies on human life on earth. So, wearing such jewellery invokes the cosmic powers of the nine planets for the life healing and betterment.

Wearing all the nine gems together is said to be an influencing element of all the nine planets that balance your emotional, intellectual, and materialistic peace.

According to Vedic scriptures, the pure and unblemished Navratna gemstones protect you from negative energies, evil spirits, diseases, and any other unexpected dangers.

What are Navratna stones?

Here is the list of Navratna gemstones along with their ruling planet:

Navratna Gemstones

Ruling Planet







Yellow Sapphire


Blue Sapphire




Red Coral




Cat’s Eye


Types of Navratna Jewellery You Can Wear

Navratna gemstones are beneficial for healing your life and making it better. So, you can wear Navratna gemstones as a ring, earrings, pendant, etc. So, you can get your customized gemstone jewellery from the pure Navratna stones here.

If your Hindu or Vedic astrologer suggests you to wear a jewellery consisting of all the nine gems (Navratna gemstones), here are a few options to buy-


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Navratna Gold Pendant

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Navratna Gold Earrings

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Invoke Positive Energies with Navratna Jewellery

The Navratna gemstones are beneficial for a human body and that’s the reason why our Emperors used to wear.

Such gems are known for its preciousness and value that it brings to your life. Buy a Navratna piece of jewellery now and bring positive and cosmic energies to your life.