12 Benefits Of Buying Jewellery Online

Precious jewellery has traditionally been sold through mom and pop shops in the neighbourhood. These businesses gradually transformed into modern stores and corporate chains with outlets spread across multiple cities and sometimes even globally.

With the advent of the internet, every business saw the digital transformation and the competition from online / e-commerce stores have completely changed the landscape of many of these businesses including jewellery. While customers world-wide have gotten more comfortable buying books, gadgets, appliances, clothing and even shoes online, many are still worried about buying precious jewellery online.

Are you one of them who hasn’t yet tried buying jewellery online yet? This article will bust a lot of myths about buying jewellery online and throw some light on the benefits of buying online. Read on to know more:

1. Convenience

The most obvious benefit of buying jewellery online is convenience. Buying from home makes it easy to shop at your convenient time without the hassle of driving down to a store in traffic, finding parking, etc. The shops also tend to be crowded during peak shopping seasons and hence you may find it difficult to check the designs and make an informed decision about the jewellery that suits your requirements. Buying online solves all of this as you can browse at leisure and spend as much time as you want in choosing the designs.

2. Safety and Privacy

Many people often overlook the safety aspect of buying precious jewellery from a traditional store. There are many instances where bag snatchers and thieves mark customers buying jewellery and later rob them of their belongings just after their purchase. Buying jewellery online gives you privacy and hence only you and your family will know what you buy. Online jewellery stores offer safe delivery of goods at your doorstep and hence the safety risk is low.

3. Transparency

Buying precious jewellery is often a complex process. This is because of the number of factors that can affect the quality of the jewellery and hence it’s price. This includes the quality or purity of the metal used, quality or cut of the precious stone, type of setting, etc. Online jewellery stores make all of this information available in the product description including the certification available for the gemstone, whereas in a traditional store you’re at the mercy of the salesperson to share this with you.

4. Wide Range and Latest Designs

Online stores don’t have the constraints of physical stores in terms of inventory holding capacity and display space availability. Hence they offer a wide range of collections to choose from. Also, most physical stores offer higher-priced jewellery so as to maximize their sales margins, whereas an online jewellery store offers a wider range in terms of pricing and designs. You can buy daily-wear precious jewellery for as low as Rs 2000 online.

5. Attractive Pricing

A traditional store has an inherently high operating cost structure, which includes real-estate, decor, lighting, sales staff and security. All of these costs find their way into the pricing of the jewellery and hence can inflate the prices a few notches higher compared to the original cost of the product. An online jewellery store cuts many of these costs through the effective use of technology and the benefits are passed on to the customers through cheaper prices.

6. Assured Quality

Online stores offer assured quality, backed by industry certifications for precious metals and gemstones. This may not be available with your neighbourhood store.

7. Payment Options

Buying jewellery is made easy in an online store as they accept a wide variety of payment options including credit cards, debit cards and netbanking. Easy EMI options are also available to help you buy your favourite jewellery without worrying about the cost.

8. Gifting

Fine jewellery is one of the most popular gifts in India irrespective of the occasion. Online jewellery stores offer this benefit where you can send a gift to your loved ones sitting in any corner of the world. You can choose the product, pay online and get it delivered for the occasion, all with just a few clicks.

9. Customization

You like a design, but think it's too expensive for your budget and don’t mind a budget product of the same design made of lower karat gold or a cheaper gemstone? This kind of customization is possible in an online purchase whereas a physical store with static inventory cannot customize as per your requirements.

10. Exchange / Returns

Online jewellery stores often offer exchange or return of the products purchased. This makes the decision easier as you can always return or exchange if you’re not happy with the product.

11. Home Trial

Many online jewellery stores offer home trials for the products in case you’re not sure if the item you like matches your requirements. You can take this home trial option and try it out along with your other jewellery and accessories to make sure what you buy is the right choice for you.

12. Customer Service

After-sales service is one of the key aspects that differentiates online stores. They have dedicated customer support teams to assist you in case of any trouble with the purchase and assure you of resolution at the earliest. More importantly, you don’t have to make the store visit to sort out your issue as you can raise your complaint and resolve the issue through an online chat or phone call.

Hope this article has de-mystified buying precious jewellery online for you and has clearly outlined the benefits. What are you waiting for? Go on and try out the latest collection of fine jewellery from Ketandiamonds.com and show off your smart decision to your friends and family!