5 Pieces of Jewellery That Every Indian Woman Must Own For Festive Celebrations!

Right from a young age, it always seems like girls have a plethora of options when it comes to fashion; be it be attire or accessories. But if you happen to be an Indian woman, chances are that those options just doubled! India with its variety of cultures and festivals offer so much more for a woman wishing to look her pretty best. Indian festivals are grand, fun-filled and engaging that nobody can resist to participate in celebrations, which means if you are an Indian woman, it’s better to ensure your wardrobe is equipped to face the numerous Indian festivals each season.
Here are five pieces of jewellery that every Indian woman must own to look at her gorgeous best during festive celebrations

1. Drop Dead Gorgeous


If you like to let your hair down during the festivities and then just don your best pair of drops! Among the accessories that are sure to enhance your look this festival season are these perfect pair of drops. You can choose from designs that are purely ethnic or opt for modern designs with traditional aesthetics. Ketandiamonds.com have several designs that are sure to fit the bill such as the above Tori Diamond Drop Earrings
This gorgeous earrings can be worn with lovely ethnic skirts, indo-western suits and any type of sarees as well as jeans with an ethnic kurta. Wear these drops and watch as heads turn in your favour!

2. Pretty Paisley

Traditional motifs play a rather large role in Indian festivals. The motifs are considered symbolic of our cultural and religious significances. A lot of these motifs are also symbolic of the vast and varied cultural fabric of our country. One such motif is the Paisley, which is supposedly Persian in its origin but its popular amongst Indians, esp. during festive times. You can choose from a wide variety of motifs such as the parrot, lotus, mango leaf, mango, Elephant, peacock, peacock feather, etc.
Paisley resembles the shape of mango, it is often seen in south indian jewellery and is referred as “Manga Malai” (mango necklace), it is also known as mankolam in Sanskrit and ambi in Punjabi. These motifs can be in the form of heavy wedding necklaces, dangling earrings or evening charming bangles. At Ketandiamonds.com we offer many such motif-inspired pendants such as the Glorious Pendant that is sure to go with your traditional look for the festive season.


3. Ethnic Mocktail

Alcohol may or may not be part of the festivities, even if you are not attending any party, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t let your fingers mesmerise with a lovely ethnic-inspired cocktail ring. A lot of merry-makers underestimate the power of well-dressed fingers. This festive season, don’t forget to get yourself a mani-pedi, a fresh coat of nail polish and most definitely a stunning cocktail ring!I It will surely be an excellent choice to be noticed as you light the diyas or candles and even when you throw your hands in the air for dances!
Cocktail rings are often seen as contemporary, extravagant pieces, but there are also a wide variety of cocktail rings in ethnic designs or with traditional motifs. Some of these can be worn both with your traditional silk saree as well as your stylish evening dress. Ketandiamonds.com has several cocktail rings for you to pick from such as the True Blossom Ring.

4. Nosy Affairs

This particular accessory has the power to light up your face, however, unlike the ease of wearing a necklace or a bracelet, many are worried to get their nose pierced to wear a nose-pin or nose-ring. However, there are several types of nose pins that you can simply wear without piercing.
Nose pins and rings look lovely with ethnic wear, especially with sarees. This festive season let your face also glow as bright as your Diwali lights, add traditional aesthetic to your look with a Nose pin. Visit Ketandiamonds.com and checkout variety of delicate and beautiful nose pins such as the Daisy Diamond Nosepin.


Tanmaniya Tales

This one is only for the married woman out there. Among the most prized jewellery that a married woman in India owns is the mangalsutra apart from other ornaments such as finger ring, toe rings.
Tanmaniyas are definitely of much emotional and cultural importance in the country and they are even more special during the time of festival celebrations. However, times are changing and unlike earlier when the design options were only a few or quite mundane! Now, there are several varieties of Tanmaniyas including traditional and contemporary designs that ensure perfect blend of tradition with style. Ketandiamonds.com offers a range of stellar diamond Tanmaniyas to suit every ‘married modern Indian woman’s need such as the Rupashri Diamond Tanmaniya.
These are the five beautiful accessories that we feel can lend a nice finishing touch to your ethnic or even indo-western fusion attire this festive season. They are trendy and light weight in terms of styling and even lighter on the pocket in comparison to typical heavy Indian jewellery.

Simple and chic is the new age mantra to go with festival styling this time!

Enjoy the festive season, enjoy festive fashion and don’t forget to take a look at our stunning festive range at Ketandiamonds.com