8 Pieces of Jewellery For The Women At The Workplace!

“The most beautiful thing a woman can wear is confidence”

The modern woman is a force to be reckoned with; she manages the multiple facets of her life; be it be work or home with panache. She is confident, self driven and graceful. As much she cares for the entire family, she also realises her individual needs and manages to take out time to take care of herself. Keeping comfort as preference she also likes to get trendy and stylish.

She brings more than sharp intellect to the table at her workplace. She is a fun colleague and conversationalist, with all this attention on her, it is more fun to dress up, right! Here are some pieces of jewellery that are absolutely perfect for workwear and can elevate not just your look but also your personality as a smart and stylish corporate professional.

Dressing up for work doesn’t mean wearing some boring outfits and mundane accessories. Workplace fashion offers many options in today’s world. Along with the beautiful array of options when it comes to attire; there is an equally vast choice of jewellery to choose from. You can accessorise yourself with earrings or finger rings, neck chains or bracelets and even nose pins, workplace fashion means you can flaunt your jewellery in elegant manner in tune with your professional set up.

1. The Classic Diamond Studs

This absolute classic piece of jewellery is a must-have for every woman. However, it definitely is one of those accessories that pair extremely well with any workwear attire.
It instantly uplifts the workwear look, making you look brighter, professional and elegant. There are many kinds of studs available. While plain gold studs also work well for work attires, however diamonds are classy and esp. Solitaire. Studs can be of the solitaire variety or in cluster settings.
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2. The Lovely Drops

While the diamond studs are a must-have, another form of earring that looks great with several modern workwear is the Drop earrings.
They are also versatile and can be worn for more than a dreary Monday, they would be ideal for a work-related event, outings and even cocktail parties.
The drops can easily transition from being the usual workday accessory to something dressier for evening gatherings and meetings.
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3. The Classic Diamond Pendant

An accessory that pairs beautifully with workwear blouses is the elegant diamond pendant. This piece of jewellery doesn’t scream for attention, making it the ideal choice for the professional setting.
However, a diamond pendant is sure to add that subtle edge to your outfit making you stand out. It can be worn with a suit or a dress or even a casual Friday outfit.
This is definitely an investment worth making to elevate the workwear wardrobe.

4. Wide Range and Latest Designs

Online stores don’t have the constraints of physical stores in terms of inventory holding capacity and display space availability.
Hence they offer a wide range of collections to choose from. Also, most physical stores offer higher-priced jewellery so as to maximize their sales margins, whereas an online jewellery store offers a wider range in terms of pricing and designs.
You can buy daily-wear precious jewellery for as low as Rs 2000 online.

5. The Ideal Earring - Pendant Set

It is important to own a good set of both earrings and pendant that can be worn together with the workwear outfit.
While it is definitely fashionable today to mix and match metals, patterns, textures and designs, it also looks elegant to have a matching earring and pendant set that marries well with a formal outfit.
They make the wearer look well-put-together, formal, simple yet well groomed and chic. Purchasing a earring-pendant set is also a wise choice, as they can be worn separately as well as together, making them rather a smart and versatile purchase.

6. The Elegant Bracelet

Bracelets make the hands look more beautiful. Depending on the design it can emphasise the feminity or even display strength.
Chain bracelets are available in a variety of designs, some of the delicate designs are subtle while the heavier ones definitely demand some attention.
There are plenty of chain bracelets that will look good with workwear and can be worn to balance out the watch on the other hand.

7. The Stylish Timepiece

Who said accessories have to only be about aesthetics. When it comes to workwear fashion, certain accessories are also about the functionality.
The watch is definitely an important workwear accessory. It has to look professional with clean lines. The choice of metal colour is ideally silver, gold and rose gold. Choose a piece with minimum usage of gemstones.

8. The Statement Cuff

The last accessory for the wrist that looks fabulous with workwear is the statement cuff. Cuff, unlike bracelets, have a structural integrity that pairs well with the structure of workwear clothing. Cuffs can pair well with suits, blouse with slacks and even formal dresses.
The cuff can also transition well to outside the office and look equally stunning at an office cocktail party. This is yet another piece of jewellery worth the investment.

So, let us know which of these will you be buying first!?
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