The Fine Art of Jali - Launching the Grille Collection

Man has always sought the thrill of more than just scientific discoveries. Right alongside the milestone leaps such as the ability to make a fire or create the wheel, man also revelled in the discovery of being able to draw and sculpt. Architecture is the ultimate testament to the amalgamation of science and art. It is in architecture that we find the beginnings of this intricate art form, known by several names across several parts of the world, jali or latticework is an exquisite form of handwork that is complex yet precise and visually stunning.

Islamic architecture and the Mughals first brought this form of art into the country. Doors, archways, windows and screens, be it of stone or wood saw intricate geometric patterns carved in them to create a poetic harmony between the artist and the viewer. Looking at some of these structural and artistic landmarks makes it almost hard to believe that such precise patterns were actually fashioned by hand!

Early Jali work mainly comprised of geometric patterns which looked precise and hypnotic, eventually, the nature-inspired theme was also seen in Jali work; comprising of flowers and vines. There is plenty of ancient architecture in India to pay homage to this fine art form, one of the most popular landmarks to showcase great Jali work is none other than Taj Mahal. The interior sections of Taj Mahal that showcase elaborate jali screens combined with marble inlay make for an unforgettable sight. Jali as an architectural element was used more than simply as a design aspect, it provided light and ventilation, while still ensuring a certain amount of privacy. Which is why the design intricacy of Jali is in vogue even today!
Jalli designs hold a unique place in both extravagant and sober ornaments.


Jali as an art form seems like something to be seen and admired from afar, but art is also a personal form of expression. found in Jali the perfect inspiration for a new collection. The new collection has the early geometric jali technique at heart while creating contemporary designs that will complement the modern woman. is proud to present a range of delicately designed gold and diamond jewellery that pays homage to the essence of Jali work. Introducing the Grille Collection; unique designs that truly are a window to the soul.

The Grille collection presents a range of modern designs in the form of earrings, pendants and finger rings. These contemporary pieces of jewellery incorporate the best of the exquisite and ancient jali artform while maintaining a modern and classic design sensibility. It is a collection where the technique is rooted in traditions and the final product is an apt definition of today’s woman. Take a look at some top picks!

1. Assorted Circular Earring

This pair of earrings is a perfect example of the harmonious marriage of technology and modern design aesthetics. The top half of the earring represents the lotus, an important motif in Indian design and culture.
The bottom half shows the geometric semi-circle shape in the form of a wheel-like structure. Together in gold and diamond, this set of earrings are definitely head turners.
Stand out in the crowd wearing the stunning Assorted Circular Earrings from the Grille collection.


2. Pastel Diamond Pendant

Another stunning piece from the Grille collection is the Pastel Diamond Pendant. Definitely a cut above other pendants, this design is unique.
It represents the two halves of a whole and together presents both strength and fluidity. A design that is surely for a woman who knows what her heart desires and isn’t afraid to go get it. This modern piece is sure to go beautifully with both formal and casual attire.
It is best paired with fusion or western attire and will look flattering worn with a v-neck or a simple round neck.These are mostly handcrafted and serve as the perfect statement makers.


3. Manica Ring

A different kind of cocktail ring, the Maica ring is not just about being bigger or shinier. It is a ring that is also layered and intricate.
This gorgeous ring flaunts three layers of flowers, the outermost layer of latticework, the second layer of texture and the innermost layer of a diamond-studded flower.
This beautiful ring can be won both to casual parties as well as traditional festivals and functions.
This is probably what they mean when they say ‘flower power’!

4. Thriving Ball Ring

Spheres and circles represented a big part of the mystical architecture in the past. Taking a leaf from that book, pushed at the boundaries of design to create a unique form factor; the two-finger-ring with both traditional motifs and grille work.
Two diamond flowers take the right and left flanks, nestling in their midst a beautiful sphere of gold sporting the jali element of this design. A great addition to your collection of accessories, making an ideal complement to no matter what you wear, be it a wedding or office party!
As the latticework design incorporates a lot of intricate detailing, it is quite fragile in texture., Hence, it is essential to take good care of them.
Make sure that you wipe off all the dust from your jewellery with a soft cloth right after use, and pack them away in a soft velvety cloth; perhaps one that the jewellers have provided.


Styling the Grille Collection

The Grille collection is a range of sleek, contemporary designs that use clean geometrical shapes, while still using the essence of traditional motifs and jali artform. This range of jewellery is best suited for the new age woman. These pieces can be worn both with traditional attire to give it an edge or with fusion wear to add to the unique overall look or to blend seamlessly with modern wear.

However, one must be aware of the immense hard work that goes into creating these designs. This sophisticated collection of jewellery is highly complex in terms of design elements; hence, needless to say, a great deal of hard work and patience is indeed required to develop each piece.

A collection that will make art what it was always meant to be; personal, joyful and a true window to your soul!

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